Allameh Tehrani

The Grand Ayatollah Allameh Sayyid Muḥammad Ḥussain Ḥusaynī Ṭehrānī.

God’s Aim And Intention Behind Creating Man

The goal and reason behind the creation of the human being is that he should reach the station of servitude and slavery. That he considers himself the absolute servant and slave of the Creator, and that he traverses in the path of absolute servitude, to eventually submit that which he possesses in the existential world; submitting his existence, independence, life, knowledge and power to God. He should acknowledge and admit that all of this is owned by God. And he should realize that which is insufficiency, weakness, ignorance and non-existence is his. The human being is the absolute servant and slave of the Creator, both in regards to the stage of the origin of existence as well as in regards to the stage of action and obligation. This is the station of the Perfect Human and is the highest position that God the Highest of the high can favor him with.

All persons living in this world must move and reach this station, whether they have a religion and follow a divinely revealed law or not. The prophets came to invite us to this...  Read more

A Treatise on Wayfaring of Bahrol Oloom - Introduction


During the days of my studies at the holy centre of religious studies at Qum, this nondescript came across the manuscript of a treatise whose title was Tuhfat almuluk fi alsayr wa alsuluk, ascribed to our master, alSayyid Mahdi Bahr al`Ulum. This copy belonged to marhum Hujjat alIslam Hajj Shaykh Abbas Tehrani, and as I found it very absorbing I borrowed it from him to make a copy of my own, which I wrote in the year 6631 H.] 7491 [. This copy contained many errors, to the extent that it did not make any sense in some places. Accordingly I wanted to find an errorfree copy of it and to edit it. When I arrived for studies in Najaf Ashraf I found a copy of it with Hadrat Hujjat alIslam Ayatullah Hajj Shaykh Abbas Hatif Quchani, may his blessings be perpetual, and I borrowed it from him. But that copy was also full of errors and was not useful except for some corrections in a few cases. On my return from Najaf Ashraf ...  Read more