Irfan (Mysticism)

A Treatise on Wayfaring of Bahrol Oloom - Introduction


During the days of my studies at the holy centre of religious studies at Qum, this nondescript came across the manuscript of a treatise whose title was Tuhfat almuluk fi alsayr wa alsuluk, ascribed to our master, alSayyid Mahdi Bahr al`Ulum. This copy belonged to marhum Hujjat alIslam Hajj Shaykh Abbas Tehrani, and as I found it very absorbing I borrowed it from him to make a copy of my own, which I wrote in the year 6631 H.] 7491 [. This copy contained many errors, to the extent that it did not make any sense in some places. Accordingly I wanted to find an errorfree copy of it and to edit it. When I arrived for studies in Najaf Ashraf I found a copy of it with Hadrat Hujjat alIslam Ayatullah Hajj Shaykh Abbas Hatif Quchani, may his blessings be perpetual, and I borrowed it from him. But that copy was also full of errors and was not useful except for some corrections in a few cases. On my return from Najaf Ashraf ...  Read more